In the first part of this guide we talked about what mechanical design software to use and how to get started with them. I gave you some insight in what workflows can be used to get from a concept to working prototype, what steps are necessary to do so and what tools you can use to get to the first prototype.

Part 1: mechanical design can be found here

Part 2 of this guide will go more in depth on how you can bring your prototype to life with the help of a custom PCB. I’ll give you some different…

A few years ago I started a small YouTube channel about 3D-printing, electrical and mechanical engineering, PCB-design,... Ever since I uploaded my first video I kept getting questions on how I do what I do, what software I use, how I learnt to use this software and just generally how you go about designing your first product from scratch.

The aim of this guide is to provide answers to the questions above. I’ll point you towards software that I’m using, the best way to get started with them, what workflows I’m using, how to create PCB’s (part 2), create schematics…

Brian Brocken

I'm a maker. I design and create my own projects and build them from scratch. My projects involve mechanical, electrical, PCB design and some programming.

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